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Jort Slim Fibrestone Trough
  • Jort Slim Trough
    Jort Slim Trough

Jort Slim Fibrestone Trough


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Jort Slim Fibrestone Trough

First of all, we would like to introduce the  Jort Slim Fibrestone Troughs.

The construction is a mixture of stone and fibreglass. The planters come in 4 sizes,within this shape. Therefore there is a great choice of size.

There are other shapes within the range consequently they are ideal as part of a large landscape project.

In conclusion they can be used both for real and artificial plants.


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124cm long x 33.5cm wide x 90cm high, 61cm long x 20cm wide x 81cm high, 91cm long x 20cm wide x 50cm high, 91cm long x 36cm wide x 102cm high

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