Artificial Plants & Trees – Care Guide

The beauty of artificial plants is not just in their amazing authenticity, its also in their lack of maintenance. Whether you are a company looking to save on high maintenance costs or a homeowner looking for less hassle artificial plants are the way forward!

We put the below information together to help you keep your artificial plants and trees looking their best. Like any accessory or ornament in the home or business they do require a small amount of cleaning attention.

How often you need to clean your plant or tree will very much depend on the area its kept in. For outdoor plants in some areas, you will find that the beautiful English weather takes care of the job for you, giving them a good wash on a regular basis – even when they don’t require it.

Happy Hoovering!

Internal Plants, Trees & Flowers

  • As shown taking the soft brush on your hoover over the artificial plants works well to remove any dust from the foliage. We recommend placing a hand behind the leaves as support while running the brush over the face. Don’t forget the trunk!
  • A damp cloth with warm water is a simple way again to remove that pesky dust.
  • The good old duster – We think you can’t beat it! We don’t recommend pledge for this job though!

External Plants & Trees

  • We find a damp cloth is the most effective way to remove residue that may build on the foliage after time outdoors.
  • It’s not something we find is needed but they can be hosed down if for some reason they got rather dirty!

That’s it! Simple and pretty much hassle free. We hope you found the above information useful. We would love to hear of any tips you have on cleaning your products. Tag us on social media or email the team – we would love to feature your guide!

Our Care Guide For Your Artificial Plants & Trees
Article Name
Our Care Guide For Your Artificial Plants & Trees
A guide to help you maintain your artificial plants, trees, and flowers to their full potential. Don't worry it doesn't take much!

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