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New Addition – The Heddon Planters!

If you follow our website you will know our range is ever expanding. Our team are constantly updating our range with new and exciting products! Today we would like to share with you a new range of planters known as “The Heddon“. The Heddon is available in a Cylinder, a Square and a Trough with multiple size options in each. The planters are great for indoor and outdoor use. For external use topiary like this artificial buxus ball is a popular choice for the planters and the trough displays. To... Read More


Beat January Lockdown Blues – 15% off Sale!

Happy New Year to all of our followers and customers! With January being a long and harder month than usual this year we have decided to try and brighten your day by extending our sale! We are offering 15% off our entire range of artificial plants flowers and trees. Whether you want to update your new home office or add the finishing touches to other rooms in your house we have you covered with plants that will last! Studies show that having even small amounts of greenery (even artificial!) in... Read More


New Product Launch!

We are delighted to show case our new hand tied bouquets! Our range is constantly expanding with more wonderful products! Today we are very excited to announce the launch of our hand tied bouquet collection! Give the gift of a bouquet that lasts or why not treat yourself and brighten up your home. Above are 3 of the first artificial flower bouquets to hit the website today! The bouquets are delivered tied and ready to be displayed in the vase of your choice. The stems can all be cut to... Read More


Discount Continues!

We are delighted to announce we have extended our online discount. The site now has a 15% discount across all artificial plants, trees, flowers and grasses. Our prices even without the discount are the most competitive online on like for like quality. We know that the cheaper alternatives do not match the same high quality that all of our artificial plants and trees do! Although we are working slightly differently as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions we are still most definitely hard at work! Should you require any help... Read More


Creating Artificial Living Walls

Artificial living walls / artificial green walls are becoming more and more popular in design schemes. Internally and externally designers are featuring these products in domestic and commercial properties. What Options Are Available? At the artificial plant’s shop, we offer many different styles of the artificial living wall. A good selection of them can be used outdoors and all can be used indoors. There are also options which are inherently flame retardant and UV resistant should you require it. It’s really a matter of picking the style you think will... Read More


The Potting Guide

You find the perfect artificial plant or tree for your space but then you need to find the perfect pot. “Uh” I hear you say – well worry not we have made this as simple as possible! Online we offer products that you don’t have to worry about choosing the pot for as the are delivered in the display planter as shown! These are all know as “arrangements”. Follow this link to find all of the artificial trees in planters. Then please follow this link for all of the artificial... Read More

Create Cosy Winter Spaces With Artificial Hedging

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean we should stop spending time outside in the fresh air, in fact there’s nothing better sometimes than to be outdoors and wrapped up on a cold winters day, provided you have some sort of shelter that is! That was the brief for one of our latest artificial hedging installations at the Tower Hotel in London. With fantastic views over the river Thames, the proprietors were looking to create a more cosy space for their guests to enjoy right through the year and not just... Read More

Classic Bay Laurel

Here at The Artificial Plants Shop, we always love to make new products and create bespoke, realistic artificial foliage . With this artificial bay laurel display we think we have done just that! At this time of year our woodmen are making space and clearing out fallen trees to plant young saplings. This means we are able to get lots of timber that we can dry and use for our artificial trees. It also means we can get some of our own saplings planted. At the moment we are planting... Read More

Stunning Ceiling Wisteria

We were asked by Georgie (aged 9) to add colour to her bedroom and lots of flowers. So we got some manzanita and purple wisteria and made an artificial wisteria ceiling tree. We really hope that her Moo Cow will now have even sweeter dreams with the wisteria above them. The inherently fire retardant foliage is added to the kiln dried manzanita wood and in this example the coverage is around 2m x 2m. As you can see it has utterly transformed the room and looks amazing. It is a... Read More

NHS Breakout Area

We were over the moon to do a joint venture with the wonderful Tibra Global Services to help make a breakout area for the staff at St George’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in London. We helped with the supply of some of our artificial blossoms and topiary. No one can doubt what a heroic job our NHS have done over many years and the last few months have been especially hard. Everyone in the country has a story of how the NHS has helped their family. St George’s Hospital... Read More

Ready fo a pint of Draft!

With the weather getting better all the time we are getting lots of enquiries from pubs and hoteliers who are getting their premises ready for, hopefully, some trade in the coming weeks. We have many regular customers in this industry who are really suffering with the current situation. What amazes us here is that despite everything, these businesses are looking forward positively with new ideas on how they want to be ready and fresh for business when it happens. Artificial plant displays for bars and restaurants are a great way... Read More


Top Time For Artificial Buxus

The Beauty Of Buxus  With the combination of wonderful weather and the current situation with lockdown, we have been extremely busy with our exterior grade artificial buxus products. Buxus has and always will be a popular product for interior and exterior spaces due to its versatility. It can feature in window-boxes, on doorsteps, on decking & patios or balconies. It must surely be the most widely used evergreen shrub. With many people now working from home, we have seen a rise in the number of customers buying our artificial buxus... Read More