The Potting Guide

You find the perfect artificial plant or tree for your space but then you need to find the perfect pot. “Uh” I hear you say – well worry not we have made this as simple as possible!

Online we offer products that you don’t have to worry about choosing the pot for as the are delivered in the display planter as shown! These are all know as “arrangements”. Follow this link to find all of the artificial trees in planters. Then please follow this link for all of the artificial plant and flower arrangements.

Have your on Display pot?Here is the rough size guide we recommend for artificial trees in pots.

  • Up to 1m – A base 25cm Tall & Wide
  • 1m – 1.4m – A base 35cm Tall & Wide
  • 1.4m – 1.8m – A base 40cm Tall & Wide
  • 1.8m – 2m – A base of 45cm Tall & Wide

These are a minimum we would advise to work with. Also this is for an internal product. Should you be using your item outdoors its worth considering how much blast you need to use within the base. An outdoor plant or tree usually requires a base with a larger surface area on the floor to help with stability in the elements.

Potting Your Own Plant or Tree

Where stated our artificial plants come in what’s known as a stabiliser base. This is a small pot to help keep the artificial tree stable. It’s not for display purposes.

Where the tree/ plant is not sold in a stabiliser pot there will be a stem for planting.

  • Simply place the stabiliser base into the pot of your choice and fill the space with something like, gravel, sand, bark or decorative pebbles.
  • Concrete and postcrete can also be used for outdoor plants and trees. Or those items in public areas that sub slitty is essential.
  • Planting with a stem – Fill the display base with any of the following or similar. Sand, polystyrene or decorative pebbles. Pack this tightly into the pot and stab the stem in.

Hassle Free – Our Potting Service!

Our experienced, efficient in house team offer a potting service. When you choose a display pot from our range the team will fix the artificial plant or artificial tree into the display pot. Taking the hassle away your items arrive ready to display!

Your artificial plant or artificial tree is secured into the base using a product called expanding foam. This fills the planter and sets the tree in very firmly. If your product is for outdoor use the team will add ballast at the base of the pot for stability. This does incur a pallet delivery charge of around £40. The White foam is topped with a small stone topping. We are able to set the stones with a clear resin. This completely seals the top of the pot, holding the item in place and the gravel is also set so that it cannot be picked. This is a great feature for items used in public spaces!

We hope you have found this useful! Please let us know if there is something more you would like to know!

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