Ready fo a pint of Draft!

With the weather getting better all the time we are getting lots of enquiries from pubs and hoteliers who are getting there premises ready for ,hopefully, some trade in the coming weeks.
We have loads of really good customers in this industry who are really suffering with the current situation. What amazes me is that despite everything many are looking forward with new ideas on how they want to be ready and fresh for business when it happens.

We are only too happy to help where we can with quotes and advice and I must admit when speaking to a publican from Somerset earlier in the week when the temperatures where in the 20s and would have gladly have had a cold pint of draft cider, it was after 5.00pm I must add.

If you have any questions about any of our products such as window boxes , or bespoke interior products please send me an email at

Please enjoy your bank holiday and a huge thank you to all our customers.

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