Spring Is Here!

At The Artificial Plant Shop despite the problems around the world we are continuing to offer a service to our customers, lead times have obviously been effected.
While rushing around getting orders out it is lovely not to need that extra jumper and start to see spring appear. The weather seems to be getting better and we are noticing a real up turn in exterior grade and UV protected plants and trees as the orders come though.
We have great products in the topiary and cedar sections well as lots of great grasses.
For indoors blossom trees continue to be populate as clients love a bit of colour in the home.
At the moment we are not planting any small trees ( you buy one we plant one),as access to the areas is impossible with the lock down. We have around 2000 to be planted ,and counting, when things settle down.
Work needs to go on where safe, but it is impossible not to see how life is strange at the moment. Wether you are stuck at home , home schooling your children and of course really missing family and friends everyone of us is effected by Covid 19.
We will continue to do the best we can, but more importantly please be safe, stay at home ( when you can) and keep supporting our fantastic NHS.

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